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OnCenterline solutions

perfect execution

We take your HRO to the next level by developing a Perfect Execution Strategy that targets human error and leverages your team experience to do it right, the first time, every time.

leading an hro

Being an HRO takes proven leadership principles.  We have the HRO experience to give you sustained leadership capability.

team building

Being an HRO means developing team behaviors that are winning behaviors.  leveraging your leadership, we help you build a championship team.

setting standards

We help organizations create meaningful and measurable standards.  By setting standards, leaders can effectively create an HRO culture.


Over 50 years of combined carrier aviation experience

For consultation call:  1-(719)-235-7091

Our professional staff includes a number of carrier aviators, operations officers, medical doctors, leadership and process analysts to help your HRO take it to the next level.